Teen/Senior Photo Shoot


This is a teen project that features a brother and sister.  We shot in multiple locations over a period of several weeks.  I really enjoyed working with them.  One location was on railroad tracks that I passed over for years and always wanted to do a shoot there.  I was so excited with this opportunity to finally try it out.  We started the shoot around 4:30 and because of the tall pines surrounding the tracks, it turned out to be a race for daylight.  

Another location was out in some woods where there was an old pickup truck that was totally rusted out and not in running condition.  It was really awesome to use it.  Found the owner on Craig's list and was able to rent it for the shoot.

As a result of this shoot, I found new props and locations for future teen and senior high portrait shoots.  Just takes some scouting around and of course, the time to do that!



Six Month Old Shoot

I was so obsessed with this little guy!  He is so adorable and really happy!  I love shooting this age, because they can sit up and maneuver slightly, but not crawling away yet.  It's the easiest age to photograph and everyone has a great time!

 This is an example of the Six Month Collage package:



 This little girl was so adorable.  Full of smiles, she was so happy.  Very easy shoot for me!

Her parents started playing one of her favorite songs and her little feet started twirling in a circular motion to the beat of the song.  She was born with rhythm, that's for sure!  




First Birthday with Twins

What a fun birthday portrait session this was!  Twin girls, couldn't be more different.  One loves cake and making a mess, the other could take or leave the cake and wanted to remain clean!

This is an example of The One Year Cake Smash package.