All of my products are printed on high quality professional paper and canvas.  Sample portraits are on display in my Water's Edge in-home studio.  

The 7% sales tax is required by the State of Florida for portrait services.  As of May 1st, 2016, this charge is now included in the package price.   DVD and Shipping is also included in the package price.  Printed products are available for an added price. 

The ONLY packages that may be used for newborns are the packages listed under "Newborns".

Please Note: If there is rain in the forecast or the sky is very dark, you session will be rescheduled.  Dark sky does not make a nice portrait and if it's raining, my equipment is not water proof.   I have had many clients insist on shooting in bad weather or under dark skies and then unhappy with the photos.  Overcast skies are actually very nice for shooting.  I'm talking about dark clouds and thunderheads.   Also, if you or your children are sick, please reschedule.  I don't want to pass the illness to other children.