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Description of Services

A free consultation will be provided.  During this session, we will design a photo shoot that fits your budget, ideas and life style.  We will discuss dress and makeup ideas, available packages and schedule your appointment.   Packages and Prices can be found under the PACKAGES link on the navigation bar.

My photographic style when working with children and families is interactive photography.  It's not quite candid, in that you are aware that I am taking the photos, so it is somewhat posed, but not exactly.  The group will be interacting with one another, smiling, laughing and generally just having fun.  With children, I like to give them something to play with or just have objects available for them to occupy themselves with, while I am busy capturing the moment!  Please view my Family Portraits and Children categories under Portrait Gallery to get a feel for my style.  If you prefer posed shots, please let me know.  I am also happy to provide the traditional poses.

I have outfits (tutus, lace rompers, hats, headbands, neckties, pants, diaper covers and so much more to choose from) for children 3 and under.  No need to worry at all with newborns!  I have everything on hand, including newborn diapers, wipes and disposable changing pads for your convenience.


A $50 non-refundable deposit is due to hold your session date.  Also, each package includes a session fee.  This fee covers not only the time spent with you during the shoot, but also covers the editing that is done on ever one of your photos, before you even see them.   The session fee is due before you leave.  The balance is due once you see your photos and before receiving your DVD.   Photos will be presented to you at my location on a large screen television or on an online web gallery.   The online web gallery is available for 2 weeks and once the balance is paid, the gallery is available for 60 days to be shared with friends and family.

We do have additional props, available for an added cost.  If you are interested, please inquire!  


What to Expect


PLEASE NOTE:  I no longer provide newborn photography services and I do not provide wedding coverage.



We cherish mommies-to-be!  I have many years experience in motherhood and newborn care.  I also have experience as a grandmother!  I realize how important this time is for you!  You are just beginning a lifetime of new memories!  What a better way to remember these moments than through the art of photography

Maternity portraits can be done in studio or outdoors and typically take an hour.  Outdoor portraits can be shot at the location of your choice or we have location ideas for you.   Studio portraits are private and comfortable.  You will have the opportunity to view the dressing area and studio during your consultation.  


As your baby hits milestone ages...

As your baby hits certain milestones, capture those moments!!

At four months, baby is just learning to push up while on the belly, focuses nicely on objects, smiles and makes cute little little faces as their expressions develop.

At six/seven months (perfect age for portraits), your baby is sitting (either on their own or with support), rolling over, lifting their legs while on their back, holding their feet, smiling and giggling, playing with toys, lifting up while on their belly and may even be up on their hands and knees, ready to crawl.

Nine months is the motivation time.  They may be crawling or scooting and playing with toys and at one year, it's cake smash time!


Growing Up (Toddlers to 9 years old):

Toddlers to 3 years old

The toddlers stage goes much better if the child is familiar with photography.  Take pictures at home and show them to your child so they can be excited about the process.  Show them the photos on camera and again after you upload them to your computer.  Show them how excited you are and praise them for letting you take the pictures.  This will take the fear and curiosity out of the portrait session.  A child will fear that which they don't understand.  Flash photography, especially in studio, can be a little over-whelming for a young child.

There are a lot of clothing options and props available for children under 3.  If you prefer to dress your child in your own favorite clothing choices, that is welcomed!  You are also encouraged to bring props that you would like to archive or simply because they are the child's favorite toy or book.  I like to make these decisions prior to our session, so that we don't waste time with decisions at the last minute.  We will discuss clothing during our consultation session.  Layering is a favorite look of mine.  Think about bringing shirts dresses, vests, jackets and hats that coordinate well.  I also like a vintage look, if that works with your taste.

Ages 4 to 9 years old

I prefer doing these ages outdoors.  I feel that children are more at ease and in an environment they enjoy.  What is more natural than a child outdoors in the sunshine?  We will discuss personality, likes, dislikes, sports, dance, music, etc.  We'll capture what is important to them at this time of their lives and try to incorporate them into your session.  Don't hesitate to let me know if there are specific elements you would like included to better portray your child's personality.

We will also discuss clothing choices and location.

Tweens, Teens and Seniors

For the girls, I can refer you to a make-up artist if you'd like.  I don't provide this service, but welcome it if you would like to have someone on location.  I want them to feel like supermodels and love to make this a memorable experience!  I recommend in studio as well as on location.  These packages can be split.  Water's Edge has a gorgeous park, just minutes from my in-home studio.

Your teens will feel pampered!  I have sodas and snacks on hand and a private room for wardrobe changes.

During our consultation, I will discuss their personality, sports, dance, music and other activities.  We'll determine if we want to incorporate them into their photo session.  I would like to also meet with your tween/teen, to find out what they would like as part of their photo session.

Family Sessions

Our family sessions are usually held outdoors in either your favorite location or I can recommend locations for you.  For the family session, the most common question I hear is "What should we wear?".  I can offer some recommendations on what NOT to wear, but color choices are up to you.  I like color and do not stick to the blue jeans and white shirt or Khaki pants and white shirt.... boring ensemble.  Again, these are simply recommendations, not rules.  They will however ensure a better photograph!  This information is derived from years of photographing various colors throughout the years.

The key to capturing an attractive family portrait is to create a harmonious  tone.  Clothing that blends well will help direct the viewer's attention to the subject's faces and then to the overall portrait.  When there are too many patterns and conflicting color, the viewer's attention is immediately drawn to the clothing.

So, what colors are best for a family portrait?  Here are some factors to consider:

  • In-studio backdrops:  We will need to discuss what color we will be using for the background.  If you've chosen a blue backdrop, for example, you may not want to go with blue clothing.  Blue tones can really clash!  I'm not fond of orange with blue, either.   The point is, backdrop is a big consideration.  I like shooting against black, gray or cream.  These colors allow for a wider variety of color.  Black also goes with most skin tones!  I don't think I've had a session where black doesn't work nicely. 
  • Skin Tone:   You want to stay away from colors that are in direct opposition of your skin tone.  In a family portrait, that could be a challenge with different skin tones, but there is no rule that says everyone has to dress the same.  As long as the colors blend well together.  Try to keep your selection down to two primary colors, three at most.  I consider blue jeans, black pants or khakis a neutral color.
  • Focus: Typically I will recommend all members of a family wear outfits featuring the same primary color scheme using colors that blend and complement each other.  However, if the goal of your photo shoot is to feature one member of the family in a more predominant role, then have that person wear a color that stands out from the rest of the group.  For example, if the focal point is a newborn, the baby can be dressed in white as long as the rest of the group is not wearing white.  If the focal point is great grandmother and great grandfather, then they could be wearing peach and white where the rest of the family is wearing gray and white. 

Now for the color dont's:

I advise against wearing colors that will either reflect light or "burn out" light colors in bright son and studio flash.  Those colors are typically:

  • All neon and fluorescent colors
  • Bright Red
  • Bright green
  • bright purple
  • Hot pink
  • Fabrics that reflect light such as satin, vinyl and fabrics with shiny surface
  • Fabrics with sparkles (also refrain from using sparkles on the face or makeup with sparkles)

Don't wear colors that are too close to your skin tone.  If you have fair skin with a slight olive tone, you would get lost in an ash colored dress.  If you have fair skin with a slight pink or tone, you might look washed out in champagne colors.  Very fair people don't look good in cream or white colors.  You know what colors don't look good with your skin tone... they will also look bad in a photo.

If your session is to be held outdoors in a park setting, greens and browns will fade right into the background trees.  If your session is to be held at the beach, light blue will fade into the sky and water.

I hope this has been helpful!  Now have fun putting your colors together.   DON'T FORGET... no reflective fabrics and stay away from reds, hot pinks and neon colors!

FAQs About Your Session



Session Fees and product information

How many photos will I get from my session?

I provide photos from your session on DVD, fully edited.  Your package will define the number of photos that come with the package.  I make sure to provide at least that number.  Additional photos, if captured, will require an additional cost.  Beyond that number, I can't promise and set number.  There are variances that will determine what I can capture, for example how are the children handling the session?, How is the baby sleeping?, weather, lighting and even parents can grow weary of posing.  I do my best to capture as many as I can for you to select from.


Is there a deposit required?

There is a non-refundable deposit required in the amount designated by the package you have selected.  Also, 50% of your package price is due before you leave the session. The balance is due once you have had an opportunity to view your photos.  Your DVD can be mailed or you are welcome to make an appointment to pick it up, once the balance has been received.

Do I have to come there to view my photos?

You are welcome to do that or I can provide an online photo gallery for you to view your proofs.  The online gallery is available for 2 weeks and then once your balance is paid, the gallery is available for 60 days for family and friends to view.


What happens if my child won't cooperate? 

If a child is showing stress or uncomfortable, you have the option of halting the session within the first 30 minutes. I will even suggest it.  The $50 non-refundable deposit will be retained and no further amount will be owed.  If you decide to reschedule for another time, your deposit will be applied to that session.   I do not reschedule more than 3 times.  

If you decide to go beyond the 30 minutes, full amount is due and you will get whatever photos have been captured during that time.   


I believe in supporting American businesses.  For helpful links for companies that I use for my props and prints, please see