A little about me....

Capturing memories means so much more to me than just taking portraits.  It’s those special expressions, little toes and that cherished stuffed bear that we want to remember forever. 

I had a client call me wanting her portrait taken.  She confessed that she had no specific reason. She said that she just wanted to do it, because she’s IMG_5829IMG_5829 young.  I thought…”Now that’s truly what photography is about”.  Capturing time!  It’s about remembering the beauty of youth and the wisdom of age.   It’s preserving the special birthday party, the birth of a child, a Baptism and a young woman’s bat mitzvah.  Moments in time that will never be here again.

When I’m photographing children, I love to let them be themselves while I capture them listening to the ocean through a conch shell or skipping on the beach or reaching for the stars.  I want them to be themselves so that I can portray who they are through the art of photography.

With adults, I will help them pose in order to portray them in the most flattering way possible.  Yet, even with adults, I want to bring out that inner person.  I want the image to reflect who they are and not just be a photo.  A musician playing his prized creative piece can become a memory to be cherished.  It’s not just taking a picture, it’s preserving life’s most precious moments, forever.

It’s about capturing the happy times, the sad times, the youth, the age, the birth, graduation, wedding and the family, the dog and even the cat, if she’ll let me.

I’m Paula Showen and I’m a photographer.

I have an adult son and daughter, with children of their own.  Needless to say, I’m capturing every moment with them that I can.  Each year, I create a DVD for Christmas.  It’s a compilation of photos and video snips of moments that we’ve shared that year.  Of all the gifts given during that time, that DVD is the most cherished and it will be even more important in years to come.

Well, I’ve said enough.   Just one more thing… Always remember, when the moment is gone, all you have is the memory.  Keep it alive through photography!  



Photography is my passion!  

I started out using a film SLR PENTAX camera when my daughter was born in 1982.  With a manual and camera, I learned to use an SLR the hard way!  It took a while, but I was soon creating some beautiful black and white portraits!  Back then, I wasn't as creative with the artistic style of the photos.  Like most parents, I was capturing the little snippets of my baby's development and birthdays.   I soon switched to color film and enjoyed that just as much!

In 1997, I began thinking about getting into photography on a more professional level.  I took photography at Central Florida College in Ocala, Florida.   That's when I started to develop my artistic style.  I began by taking nature and wildlife.  I wrote articles and was published in a few Florida local magazines, Florida's State Parks web pages and sold some nature photos. 

In the year 2000, I found my interests leaving nature photography and leaning more toward portraiture.  I was working with people in outdoor settings, which brought the natural elements into the portraiture.  This is when I discovered that this is what I truly love!  

In 2003, I moved from Ocala to the Tampa Bay area.   That's when I started building my photography business.   I began networking with local art galleries and businesses.  Between 2003 and 2005, I was displaying my photography in local galleries, city hall, restaurants and traveled to different art shows, displaying my work on sidewalks and streets.   Selling prints encouraged me to keep going!  I was delighted to be selling prints for $100 to $400!!!  The works that I was selling were artistic portraiture, boudoir and mother and child.  I would take on portraiture projects that challenged my creativity.

In 2006, my customer base was building nicely and my business was evolving just as I had hoped.  I started mentoring teens who wanted to become photographers.  I also began working with the Heart Gallery, taking photos for their travelling wall, in hopes of securing "forever homes" for children needing families.  I've done many cancer fundraisers and other causes.  I started doing this, because I feel that it's so important to give back.  I'm a firm believer of passing it forward.


For the last 3 years, I've been keeping current on the latest trends in portraiture by viewing DVD sessions and lessons on a monthly basis.  I have also been present in 6 births, photographing and creating memorable DVD slideshows and photos for new parents to cherish forever. 

Today, I have a thriving business and I believe that it's working, because I strive for satisfied and happy customers.  I just don't say that, I live it.

Member of Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America

ID: 8254031

Licensed in the State of Florida #650755428 









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